Anicons is a project created by Sebas and Clim.
An easy to use, extendable and customisable icon library for motion designers, video editors and
anyone else involved in the moving image industry.


Anicons comes fully licensed.
This means you can use Anicons for whatever you want, no matter whether they’re personal or
professional projects. When you use Anicons you are automatically allowing us (Sebas and Clim)
to use your work to promote Anicons. We will always mention you in the credits, of course!

Always Updated. Forever.

No matter which version you purchased. From now on you’ll
receive all of our new Anicons upgrades, by email, for free. The current version is the 1.2 version of the library but as
soon as we see this project achieving what we want it to we will release new versions with more
animated icons and special features. Look at it as an investment. If Anicons does well, you will too!
Who knows, you might end up with loads and loads of animated icons!

Please, Don’t.

Anicons is a project conceived by Sebas and Clim, two young fellas like you, just trying to make things right.
We’d like to ask you, on a personal level, not to share the library with anyone. Think about it and put yourself in our shoes.
After all, Anicons really isn’t that expensive!

Creating Community

Purchasing Anicons also means being able to talk to us and suggest new things. Let us know if you
think something could be done differently or if you have any other suggestions.
We hope we can build a little community focused on improving Anicons, and, at the same time,
improving your motion graphics projects too.


We’ll be happy to help you out with any technical issues you have regarding Anicons.
Before you get in touch, please read the document attached with your Library.
If the answer to your query isn’t there, feel free to contact us at: anicons@sebasandclim.com